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Welcome to my website! Here, I'll mainly post "music" (mostly short loops made /w beepbox), code, also my opinions about/links to stuff that i find interesting/cool.

Things i'm interested in (subject to change)

  1. Music (my music taste)
  2. Coding (A little bit of Python and C, haven't really made anything amazing yet, I was making a version of snake in C, but school got in the way and I was scared to learn nCurses)
  3. Low-Level Computery Stuff (Logic Gates, CPUs, Von Neuuman Architecture, Turing Machines, that sort of thing)
  4. Gaming (sometimes, I used to be more into it. I like baba is you, minecraft, smm2, the metroid series (prime), cuphead, ssbu, etc..)
  5. Cycling (I used to cycle a lot more ~1yr ago, but i got into an accident that left a bad taste in my mouth (and a concussion), so now i only cycle occasionally.)

Things i've made